what we do

California Brain Health Center is equipped to see adult patients who are experiencing a wide range of cognitive difficulties. 

We can assist in:

  • diagnosis of cognitive impairment and dementia
  • characterizing extent of cognitive and functional impairment
  • differential diagnosis (e.g. depression vs. normal aging vs. Alzheimer's disease)
  • tracking of treatment progress
  • generating treatment recommendations

Who we see

Patients can experience cognitive changes for a myriad of reasons.  We see patients who have experienced a wide range of conditions, including:

  • suspected neurological disease (e.g. Alzheimer's)
  • cerebrovascular disease / stroke
  • movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson's disease)
  • concussion / brain injury
  • subjective memory loss 
  • attention deficit
  • pain
  • sleep issues (insomnia, sleep apnea)
  • chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

what we provide

We provide a detailed neuropsychological report that summarizes your patient's developmental history, medical background, and psychiatric functioning, and integrates this information with their results from a comprehensive neuropsychological battery. When relevant, we will provide diagnostic recommendations and a suggested treatment plan for any issues discovered during the neuropsychological intake process (e.g. sleep issues, mood disturbance, etc.) in addition to treatment suggestions for the referral issue. 

We pride ourselves in user-friendly reports that are customizable based upon your practice's unique needs. Reports can be turned around in seven days, or sooner if needed and agreed upon in advance.