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Caitlin Moore, PhD

Dr. Caitlin Moore is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Boston University. Dr. Moore has worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient neurology, rehabilitation units, inpatient psychiatry, and numerous memory clinics. She possesses a broad range of expertise in neurological conditions, including dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, concussion, and ADHD. Dr. Moore also serves as a scientific advisor to health technology companies in Silicon Valley.


Dr. Moore regularly presents at national and international conferences, and has published numerous book chapters and journal articles in the areas of cardiovascular disease, genetics, dementia, decision-making capacity, and behavioral/lifestyle interventions to promote brain health. Her dissertation on cerebrovascular disease, genetics, and brain function won her the national Dissertation of the Year award from the American Psychological Association, Division 51, Psychology of Men and Masculinity. Her work has been featured in Men's Health magazine. 


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Boston University

Clinical Internship:

VA Palo Alto (affiliate of Stanford University)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: 

Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, California Pacific Medical Center, Sutter Health

Shaughnessy Headshot.jpg

Lili shaughnessy, PsyD abpp-cn

Dr. Shaughnessy is an American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology certified clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in learning and memory, and neurodegenerative dementias; however, her expertise in adult neuropsychology extends across a variety of conditions, including TBI, stroke, Parkinson's disease, MS, and psychiatric conditions, as well as learning and other neurodevelopmental disorders. She places particular emphasis on patient care and providing recommendations tailored to individual needs. She also has expertise in creating and implementing cognitive strategies groups focusing on strengthening memory and thinking through a variety of methods, including provision of compensatory strategies, as well as focusing on primary prevention through a healthy lifestyle. 

She received her Doctorate of Psychology from William James College, formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology through Harvard Medical School at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Boston, MA. She then went on to work within a medically enhanced psychiatric inpatient unit before moving to San Francisco to join California Pacific Medical Center's Ray Dolby Brain Health Center in 2015. She now serves as the Director of Neuropsychology Clinical and Training Programs at The Ray Dolby Brain Health Center.


Dr. Shaughnessy's research has focused on Alzheimer's disease and neurodegenerative dementias, and she served as an author on seminal work emphasizing the real-world effectiveness of combination therapy in Alzheimer's disease. She has presented her work at both national and international conferences and published chapters on neuropsychological evaluation. 



William James College

Clinical Internship:

Tewksbury Hospital - Department of Public Health/Department of Mental Health

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: 

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/ Massachusetts Mental Health Center - Harvard Medical School